Terms of Service

Terms of Service
Lead time to install: Signs will be installed within one to two days upon order receipt.
Generally, signs will be installed the same day if the order is received prior to 10:00 AM, but same day service is not guaranteed. Guaranteed same day service is available for an additional charge of $20.00.
Severe weather conditions: Lead time to install/removal may be delayed by extreme weather or freeze conditions. In the case of an install/removal delay due to weather, the customer will be notified and a new anticipated install/removal date will be established.
Locating of public and private utility pipes, conduits and cable lines:
ESSCO will not install any sign that requires excavation of the soil without prior public utility line locating.
Signs to be installed in proximity to utility easement areas (e.g. the curb area outside of the front sidewalk) should be utility located.
ESSCO cannot be responsible for damage to private utility service lines, (e.g. sprinkler lines, sewer lines, conduits or underground cables) unless the realtor or property owner clearly marks the location of such utilities.
Terms of payment: A collective invoice will be generated for each month. Invoices will be sent to the customer on the 1st of the month. The terms of payment are NET 15. (Net amount of the invoice is due within 15 days) unless prior arrangements are made.
ESSCO cannot be responsible for the tampering of signs, (including removal and resetting for the purpose of mowing, or other maintenance), or damage to signs due to weather, vandalism or theft. We encourage you to inform the seller to not allow removal and reinstallation of the sign for yard maintenance. Questions or Comments on these terms? Please contact us.